What is STRESS?
Stress is a natural function of the body that prepares us for an extra effort that we will need to put in. It is a normal part of life that all children need to cope with. Stress in kids can be induced by big things (e.g. a divorce, family crisis) or little things (e.g. a fight or homework). A little bit of stress can actually be good, it can get us ready to do something really well.  However too much stress can be bad, and can have negative outcomes. Children who suffer from ADHD and ANXIETY have high levels of stress.

Stress can present itself in children as
• An icky feeling in the tummy
• Tense muscles, shoulders, back, face and/or arms
• Headaches/backaches
• Grinding teeth/ tight jaw
• Raised heartbeat
• Shallow, quick breathing
• Insomnia/can’t get to sleep/overtired (See RAINBOW SLEEP TIGHT CD)
• A lack of concentration
• Constantly thinking about something unpleasant
• Feeling helpless/swamped
• Irritability.
Stress triggers the “fight or flight” reflex in our brains. This reflex releases chemicals into the bloodstream to help the body to either fight or run away. If we do not do either of these things the chemicals are racing around and have nothing to do! This is why it is useful to do some “relaxation” during times of stress. MEDITATION is the perfect way to relax and unwind, it is the perfect way to release stress and return balance to the body. CALM CLASSROOMS resources can be used by schools to decrease stress in their students and increase WELLBEING for the whole school!
For more information about
Stress in children
Exam Stress

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