Concentration and Focus

BrainTo succeed and prosper in today’s information driven society we need to be able to concentrate and focus.  Did you know that many of the world’s greatest thinkers, artists, athletes and even celebrities  use visualisation to help them achieve their success? 

Here is a FREE sample of our RAINBOW CALM FOR SCHOOLS resource, a guided visualisation to help your children or the children in your class increase their concentration, attention span and focusing skills through visualisation.

The main purpose of this meditation is to use affirmation and POSITIVE THOUGHTS to improve children’s concentration and memory. This can be useful for many reasons in a classroom. It can improve children’s confidence in TESTS, SPEECHES or PEFORMANCES where they need to remember. TS2.4, DRAS2.3
Children are learning to look after their bodies and make promises to always look after their brains. This could link to discussions about DRUGS, ALCOHOL and HEALTHY LIFESTLYES PHS2.12
SELF ESTEEM and SELF RESPECT could also be improved using this meditation, as the children are shown their gorgeous brains in a positive way. V1
This meditation gets children to journey into their own BRAIN, the most important organ in the HUMAN BODY. So this is a good meditation to go with anatomy lessons. LTS2.3
SYNONYMS are used for the words memory and concentration. Children could find synonyms that could help improve their other body parts. WS2.9

This meditation will fill your class with confidence in their own abilities as students. Use it before exams, speeches or performances or just to give forgetful students a bit of help!
Teachers will need to clarify the terms:
• Cells
• Concentration, memory

This meditation uses the affirmation: “I remember easily”

Sit still, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Try to breathe in for four counts, out for four counts. Continue until all children are settled and breathing deeply.

Visualise a beautiful door in front of you. This is a very special door. It is a door that actually leads into your body, into your brain! You have a silent giggle as you notice that it is set into the side of your head. Today we are going to move into our brains and help them to be the best, most brilliant, brains they can be.

See yourself shrinking and enter this teensey weensey door. You are now inside your skull. The room is lit by your gorgeous brain which is glowing lightly with a warm pinkish light, floating at the centre of the room. You are in awe, watching the sparks and pulses move around inside it. It really is a miracle, your brain!

Now, today we are going to send some special thoughts into our brains that will help them to concentrate and improve our memory. You notice some glowing cells next to you that are holding out magical looking boxes for you. There is brightly glowing liquid in each of these boxes and if you look closely you see that there are words floating around in them too.
Choose one of the boxes. This is the brain box to improve concentration.

The liquid in this box is glowing; only you can see what colour it is but it is incredibly bright. You can see the words “concentration” “attentiveness”, “focus” and “application” floating in the box. Raise the box to your heart and watch as magically the liquid stretches out of the box, floats in a stream to your gorgeous brain and seeps into it. The liquid and the words are absorbed immediately and the brain seems excited and happy, it is glowing now, luminous in the colour you used.

Now choose your second brain box. This box will help improve your memory. You can see another luminous colour glowing in the box and you notice the words “clear memory”, “easy recall” and “always remembers” floating in the liquid. Again raise the box to your heart and watch as the liquid floods the brain, making it glow and pulse healthily.

Your brain is looking fabulous now, very bright and shimmering in light!  Now the last brain box is filled with gold liquid. It looks thick and has only two words floating in it. You read them; “healthy” and “protected”. Raise the box and let the gorgeous gold liquid fill your brain, leaving it glowing gold, healthy and protected.

It’s time to go now, so thank your brain for all the help it gives you with thinking, walking, breathing and all the other wonderful things it does for you. Send it love from your heart and promise to always look after it.

Now find your way back to the door, move through it and close it tightly. Now gently remember that you are back in your chair in your class room. Feel your brain glowing inside your head and your bottom firmly on your chair.

When you are ready, wriggle your hands and feet, have a big stretch and open your eyes.

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