Anxiety in Children

Diagnosis of anxiety in children is on the rise, it seems to be a global problem not specific to certain areas or types of children.  As teachers we have seen similar behaviour, symptoms and diagnosis on opposite sides of the world, in kids that have nothing and in kids that have everything.

The fact is that anxiety is a part of life in today’s society and in ‘normal’ levels is considered a ‘normal’ part of social development.

Statistics show that 1 in every 10 children will experience intense anxiety at some point during their childhoods.(
14% of Australian children and adolescents aged 4-17 years have mental health problems. (
Around 14 % of Australians are affected by an anxiety disorder each year. (

Symptoms of anxiety in children are persistent and are present daily in their lives…

• irrational fears /persistent worrying
• poor concentration
• refusing to go to school
• irritability/temper/tears
• restlessness/insomnia
• fatigue
• headaches/  stomach aches
• grinding teeth
• tense muscles
• frequent urination

“According to an article published in Newsweek in 2009, meditation has been taught in some public schools and is helping to create an atmosphere of calm reflection. Fletcher Johnson Middle School in Washington DC implemented two 20-minute meditation periods per day. According to the principal George Rutherford, “Fights stopped breaking out on the third floor, test scores went up.” In another study, 60% of anxiety-prone people experienced significantly less anxiety after meditating regularly for 6 to 9 months.” (

Help for Teachers/Schools: Rainbow Calm Resources, all of our meditations are designed to help kids relax. Children with anxiety disorders are taught breathing and muscle ralaxation techniques, this resource helps schools by provididg these on easy to use CD’s and resource books. They are even integrated into the curriculum so you need not worry about wasting valuable teaching time!
Help for Parents with anxious kids: Rainbow Sleep Time CD, this CD helps children to relax and unwind after a busy day. In particular the wave breathing and affirmations meditations are helpful to anxious children and children who have trouble sleeping


Anxiety is a REAL problem for many of our children

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