Guided Visualisation

Guided Visualisation” is the meditation style that Rainbowcrystal Connection uses in classrooms. We have selected guided visualisation as our primary tool (other forms of meditation are used too) because it fits easily into schools. This is true for many reasons:
• Many adults do not meditate- making it hard to teach without training, putting on a CD is safe, easy and  requires no training
• Teachers are more at ease reading (or playing our CD’s) than teaching an unknown form of meditation e.g. using a  mantra or focusing
• The context of listening to stories is familiar to learners and teachers
• Children enjoy and are usually good at visualising 
• Links in to “Listening” in the English syllabus
• Teachers and students  can feel unconfortable going straight into silent meditations
• Visualisations can be put onto CD’s, making them very easy to use
• Links can be made to content of teaching/social skills so time spent meditating can count towards learning and  not be “just another thing” teachers need to squeeze into their busy schedules 
• Guided visualisations are “calming” and can be used as a form of behaviour management and to create a positive  classroom climate

What is “Guided Visualisation”?

Visualisation simply means making pictures with your mind’s eye. This is usually done with the eyes closed and children are generally pretty good at it. A “Guided Visualisation” is a visualisation facilitated by a guide, in this case the class teacher or CD that is playing. 
Our meditations can be delivered in either of these ways. The CD’s are the easy way, they already have gorgeous  background music and this option gives the teacher a few minutes to become still as well!

For more experienced teachers delivering a meditation yourself can be really rewarding and personal adjustments can be made to suit your purpose, situation or lesson. In this way meditations can be lengthened or shortened and the teacher can choose their own backing music, making it a really personal and even spiritual experience.

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