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Founding Member/Creator of Rainbow Crystal Connaction, Susan Rudd

Founding Member/Creator of Rainbow Crystal Connaction, Susan Rudd

SUSAN RUDD, Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Introducing Rainbow Crystal Connection Co-Founder/Co-Creator and children’s mindfulness expert Susan Rudd. Susan has been teaching children for 35 years and her background in performing and creative arts, including dance, drama, musicals and as an artist has helped to bring the RCC program alive. Susan’s passion as an RCC founder is to integrate mindfulness and meditation into the well-being component of all schools across Australia and beyond. Susan has been running RCC classes for 10 years and along with this has also been training teachers and school staff through professional development days, leadership days and seasonal celebrations.  She also has a background teaching adult meditation.

Term 2 Classes will run, 26th May-23rd June

Mona Vale Memorial Hall, Fridays 3-15 to 4-15

Contact us via web site  or through Facebook for more info!
During this exciting introductory course, children with permission to be photographed may be part of some exciting e -learning footage to be done for Rainbow Crystal Connection.

Kerrie ParryKerrie Parry, Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Introducing Rainbow Crystal Connection Co-Founder/Co-Creator and children’s mindfulness expert Kerrie Parry. Kerrie has been a teacher for 15 years and has been a passionate advocate for mindfulness and meditation for almost 10 years. She started incorporating meditation in her classroom practise, to help with well-being issues in certain students and was amazed to see the variety of benefits in all students. Kerrie is currently studying post-grad and specialises in working with Gifted and Talented students. Kerrie has been running RCC classes for 10 years and along with this has also been training teachers and school staff through professional development days, leadership days and seasonal celebrations. Kerrie is a passionate educator and meditator who believes that all students stand to benefit from daily mindfulness and meditation practise.

                                                          Kylie Humphreys, Maitland NSW

KylieRainbow Kylie is a primary school teacher who has worked with children for 12 years. Her main areas of interest as an educator are student well-being, sensory awareness and making students feel special. So when she learned of the RCC Mindfulness Facilitators Course it was a perfect fit as it addressed each of these areas. As a teacher, Kylie knows that well-being directly effects student academic and social success and the ability for students to be happy. She believes it is a privilege to be a teacher and work so closely with children and help to shape the minds of the future. Minds of the 21st Century that need training in social skills, coping strategies, self-regulation, positive thinking and imagination. Young minds that need calm among the chaos and pressure of today’s busy lives. When completing this course she was inspired and excited to help children achieve this through mindfulness and meditation. Kylie first began using guided visualisation and meditation as a child and fell in love with the practise and the benefits. In adulthood she regularly practises mindfulness and meditation as it helps her to live in the moment, relax and be better at life. She is excited to share the RCC mindfulness and meditation lessons, her new mindfulness knowledge and tool box of mindful tricks with her own children and students in her area.

ABBEY MCGEGORAbbey Mcgregor, South West WA
Rainbow Abbey has over a decade of teaching experience in Secondary Schools. Combined with qualifications in Health Science, Counselling and Coaching she specialises in working with youth facing stress related challenges. After watching the alarming increase of high school students experiencing anxiety Abbey now draws on her skills to assist families implement stress management strategies that revolve around learning mindfulness techniques. She also facilitates workshops covering coping strategies for stress triggers such as exam preparation, friendship dynamics and school transitions. Abbey found the benefits of meditation practice for herself and her three young children highly beneficial and wanted to share these benefits with other families by becoming a RCC Facilitator.

 Classes will be held in Term 2 2017                                                                                Leschenault Catholic Primary School, Australind WA                                                        Juniors 3.15pm – 4.15                                                                                                              .  Seniors 4.30pm – 5.30pm

 Contact Abbey on 0423035588.


Level 1 Facilitator Warrandyte, Victoria,

Level 1 Facilitator
Warrandyte, Victoria,

Angela Pulbrook, Victoria
Rainbow Angela is a passionate facilitator who lives in Warrandyte, Victoria. She is a qualified primary school teacher and currently teaches in an IB/PYP international school in Melbourne. Angelas journey has seen her teaching in the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Fiji as well as Australia. She loves to travel and share her experiences and love of the world to children. In the last few years Angela has noticed a need within our children and has trained in mindfullness and started incorporating aspects of this into her classroom. “I am looking forward to developing my practise of mindfulness meditation within the classroom to help enable children to become calm, thoughtful global citizens.”



Level 1 Facilitator Orange and Blue Mountains NSW

Level 1 Facilitator
Orange and Blue Mountains NSW

Irene Irksic Orange/Blue Mountains
Rainbow Irene lives part-time in the Blue Mountains and in Orange NSW. She has been a Primary School Teacher for over 20 years. Recently Irene travelled to India and trained as a Yoga Teacher. She loves to travel and share her knowledge and practise of Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation. As a Primary School Teacher with a degree in Masters Special Education, Irene has been able to facilitate and incorporate Yoga and Mindfulness into her everyday teaching and has observed wonderful benefits for both students and teachers. “It is my passion to share this knowledge so the world can benefit.”





Level 1 Facilitator Sydney's West

Level 1 Facilitator
Sydney’s West

Nahid Marashian, Sydney
Rainbow Nahid is an accredited meditation facilitator, currently practicing near her home in Sydney’s West. She has a strong, deep passion for working with people and helping to care for them.
With a background in Nursing of almost 20 years, Nahid’s joy lies in helping others to feel better, and to feel good about themselves.
She believes that working with children and helping to build up their foundations will enable them to grow to be confident, relaxed and focused.
Having young grandchildren, Nahid has a keen interest in finding ways that will help them to grow to be happy, healthy, confident individuals; as well as helping the children within the community.
Nahid is very passionate about helping the children of today to grow in a more natural and organic way, with less reliance on modern technology. Teaching them the skills to be able to deal with their fears, doubts and lack of confidence is something that Nahid aims to do. Through this course she hopes to be able to achieve the skills to enable her to teach mediation within a classroom setting, as well as holding her own classes.

Level 1 Facilitator Penrith/Blacktown

Level 1 Facilitator

Sonia Undzillo, SYDNEY

Whilst teaching high school Rainbow Sonia became aware that students lead stressful lives so she decided to become Rainbow Crystal Connection Level 1 Facilitator to reach out and help the ‘people’ in her life. As a Mother of 4 she knows all too well the stress that children these days are carrying around with them and she is very passionate about creating positive change in the area of wellbeing and inner peace. Sonia thoroughly understands the value of meditation and mindfulness and is looking forward to making a change around the Sydney area, local schools and in the wider community.
Sonia is running weekly classes beginning on
Thursday, February 16 at 4:00pm
Our Sacred Space 584 Old Northern Rd Dural NSW
You’re interested.. Contact 0425254610

Level 1 Facilitator Lennox Head/Byron Bay

Level 1 Facilitator
Lennox Head/Byron Bay

Claudine Grathnam
Rainbow Claudine is passionate RCC meditation and mindfulness facilitator who is situated in the Lennox Head/Bryon Bay region. She has found that incorporating a holistic approach to life can have immense benefits physically and emotionally and her vision is to see this incorporated into children’s schooling. Claudine understands that meditation and mindfulness have positive effects on well-being, social skills and academic abilities and is looking forward to ‘giving back’ as an RCC Facilitator.
Through the use of meditation and mindfulness, Claudine’s mission is to teach children to build their attention skills and to regulate their impulses. She wants to create foundational change for the next generation, for the good of our planet. She knows that children who are taught meditation report higher optimism, more positive emotions, stronger self-identity, greater self-acceptance and take better care of their health as well as experiencing reduced anxiety, stress and depression.






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