Wellbeing in Primary Classrooms

Rainbow Crystal meditation resources seek to address aspects of Children’s Wellbeing in the Primary classroom
Encouraging children to value health and wellness is achievable in a classroom and can be the best “GIFT” or life skill we give to our children.

Invest in the wellbeing of our kids, our future!

Providing time each day in the classroom for children to still the mind and body and “arrive” in a positive space each day ready for learning is often a demanding task for teachers in a curriculum that is data driven and tightly packed with busy timetables. Rainbow Calm Meditation resources create quick and easy ways for teachers to integrate Meditation into their programs.

Teaching children the necessary tools to focus their energy and stimulate wellness through visualization, breathing and movement techniques often requires a level of competency, good resourcing and some knowledge or practice by the facilitator. Rainbow Calm Meditation Facilitators can  provide staff meeting training, to get all staff members enthusiastically involved in using these meditation resources and to start their class meditating!

Providing ongoing stimulus for children to be mindful, curious and imaginative can be achieved through the practice of guided imagery, visualisation and mindfulness activities, careful teacher planning and skillful use of questioning strategies. Rainbow Calm provides reproducible worksheets, questions, affirmations and mindfulness activities to accompany each meditation.

Meditation and visualisation can be effectively used to tune into curriculum themes and topics, reflect on other’s perspectives and heighten the children’s sense of connectedness to the world. Rainbow Calm Meditation Resource provides curriculum links, outcomes and integration ideas with each meditation.

Exploring and dealing with a range of emotions that present in a school day can be time consuming for the teacher and sometimes needs to be done outside the class lesson time.(eg. Anger management, resilience to bullying, anxiety management ) Techniques to manage and ways to  learn to take responsibility for one’s own health and wellbeing on all levels can be taught in the classroom using this resource kit. This can be done through guided visualization, breathing techniques  and  gentle stretching. Rainbow Calm provides processes that can be easily taught from our teacher’s resource book as daily warm ups or cool downs or as an activity between lessons.

A safe and positive environment can be created  in any classroom through positive teacher dialogue , positive children’s self talk , the use of positive affirmations in signage ,songs and jingles. Rainbow Calm provides recorded processes, lesson ideas and affirmations on CD to empower children to have appropriate emotional responses. Teacher’s just need to press play!

Creating time for meaningful connections such as meditation and reflection in your classroom using tools to balance the Mind ,Body and Spirit will promote and  highlight the intrinsic goodness of other students , promote trust, respect and the acceptance of individual student differences and respect for the planet. It also allows a teacher time to get to know their student on a deep level and validate each students gifts and talents. Rainbow Calm covers key Personal Development themes in all stages as well as Aboriginal perspective and Global environment and conservation issues.

Discussion and reflection on  themes within a safe and supportive environment will allow teachers to open healthy discussion and to focus on intrapersonal /interpersonal skills (Intrapersonal = within the person. Interpersonal  between or among persons ) addressing  personal development skills  such as emotional intelligence, acceptance, empathy, compassion, resilience etc. Rainbow Calm allows teachers to highlight gifts and talents that are not of an academic nature within their classroom in a non competitive environment and follow up activities highlight that the school community VALUES these gifts and talents.

Meditation can be used as a tool by teachers to address and measure student Wellbeing in their classrooms mindfully, creatively and easily document this in their anecdotal student records using Rainbow Crystal Connection Meditation and Mindfulness resources for Schools.

Click here to learn more about RAINBOW CALM meditation resources!

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