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Invest in the wellbeing of our kids, our future!

Rainbowcrystal Conection have created an innovative meditation program that can be used in schools. “Rainbow Calm” CD’s and accompanying Calm Classroom Resource Books are easy to use even for teachers with no previous experience in meditation.
These resources can be used as a tool to assist 21st Century learners to stay fully engaged and positive about their learning. Use them,

• As a support for Attention Deficit by improving concentration, focus and memory skills
• To enhance wellbeing by teaching students how to access stillness from within
• As an anxiety and stress management tool for individual students
• To enhance left and right brain stimulation as support for the variety of learning  styles in one class
• To stimulate students creative processing and visualisation skills

Rainbow Calm CD’s

“Its as simple as playing a CD”
These CD’s come in 3 different levels and are suitable for all primary age students; Infants- K, 1&2, Middle Primary-Yrs 3&4 and Seniors- Yrs 5&6. Each set of 4 CD’s contains a curriculum inspired set of GUIDED VISUALISATIONS and gorgeous backing music tracks. These meditations are aimed at guiding children into THETA brainwaves and also at tackling a variety of school and classroom issues.
Teachers can choose meditations to support curriculum teachings e.g. Antarctica Yrs 5&6, Space Yrs 3&4 or Transport Yrs K,1&2.

Or teachers can select meditations for a variety of social or behavioural issues such as: anxiety, worry, stress, anger management, ADD, ADHD, calming/cooling, warming/inspiring, concentration, memory, focus, positive relationships, positive affirmations, forgiveness, bullying, resilience, self esteem/self image and many more!!
“These CD’s are so easy to use and the class love them.” ______

Rainbow Calm Resource Books For Teachers
•  With each level of CD’s comes an innovative teachers resource book. Each book outlines “The Basics” of       learning to meditate with your class
•  “Rainbow Breathing” techniques, including how and why you would use them in your classroom
•  “Rainbow Stretching” techniques, including how and why you would use them in your classroom
•  Transcripts with outcome links for teachers who wish to deliver their own meditations
•  Easy to look up contents page organised by Key Learning Area and also by Behavioural Management
•  Activities designed by teachers for follow up to meditation sessions, all linked to curriculum and outcomes
•  Positive Affirmations- For each meditation and also outlined for classroom use
•  Mindfulness For Children- Activities that can be incorporated into the school day and bring meditation into the every day

“I sometimes use the journal activities as a fun inclusion to homework. They can be personal response to the meditation so I don’t mark them, just allow the children to share if they choose. The kids love the opportunity to be free to express themselves in their own way without judgement.” Kerrie,  Hornsby NSW

FREE Meditation Workshops for School Staff
Rainbowcrystal Connection hold regular FREE “Meditation In The Classroom” sessions. These sessions are open to all teaching staff and are especially helpful for school management (Principals, Assistant Principals etc.) who are interested in increasing wellbeing for the students in their schools. CONTACT US for UPCOMING EVENTS dates, times and locations. Groups/Clusters of schools are also able to book one of these ‘free’ sessions.

Whole School Staff Professional Development
Rainbowcrystal Connection can also arrange professional development sessions for your staff. We offer half day, whole day and staff meeting sessions which aim at showing staff WHY MEDITATION IS IMPORTANT for children, how it can assist teachers to create calm and positive classroom climates and to famiarise them with with the “Calm Classrooms” resources. Teachers leave these sessions enthusiastic and well equipped to begin meditating with the children in their class.
Staff Meeting $350
Half Day $500.00
Whole Day $750 (less with purchase of whole school kit)

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  1. Sara Evans says:

    This program looks fantastic, this is just the type of thing we need to see in ALL school classrooms these days, with NAPLAN and the anxiety that children must be picking up from teachers/parents and school staff about performance and scores this program could go a long way to helping children deal with stress, anxiety and outside pressures. Well done ladies!

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