This is what kids who attend Rainbowcrystal Connection after/before school classes think…

“Rainbowcrystal Meditation is a fun and interactive way to relax, make friends and have fun. It helps me to relax when I am stressed, when taking tests and other tough work. It helps at home because my parents are divorced and I get stressed a lot, Rainbowcrystal Meditation  CD’s help me to be calm and relax.” Boy, age 12

“Rainbowcrystal Meditation relaxed me and made me calm, in class it made me think of things I haven’t thought of before. Now I hardly get angry and I can control my thoughts.” Girl, age 11

“I like everything about Rainbowcrystal meditation but especially the fact that we have a quiet place to relax. It helps me to look forward to something and motivates me throughout the day. It helps me to relax at home.”  Boy, age 12

“I like to meditate because it lets me relax, at home it helps me sleep.” Boy, age 9

“Meditation makes me feel happy.” Girl, age 9

“It’s so much fun!” Boy, age 9

“I love using the instruments, especially the big drum and the rainbow bells. They make me feel happy!” Boy, age 8

For information on how to get a Rainbowcrystal Meditation Class at your shool see CLASSES, or to find out about training as a Rainbowcrystal Connection Facilitator see TRAIN WITH US.

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