RCC Classes

Rainbowcrystal Connection Classes and Clubs
During each session RCC teachers select appropriate meditations for their group (specific needs of children are a priority in program selection.) Each GUIDED VISUALISATION has been written by Susan and Kerrie for children aged 7-12. The visualizations take children on journeys into their imaginations, where they can be free to relax away from the worries of everyday life. Mindfulness is key to wellbeing, during RCC classes mindfulness is seamlessly threaded through every activity, including games and movement.

Beginnings and endings of sessions are varied and can involve music, cultural chants, sound mindfulness, focus activities, mindfulness peer massage, mindfulness games!

Each class includes simple RAINBOW MOVEMENT and RAINBOW BREATHING techniques to accompany and support the meditations. Children will practise breathing techniques to help them focus, relax or energise. Movements with and without music/sound are incorporated to increase MINDFULNESS and focus in students.
Children then participate in mindful and creative reflection and journal activities and come away with a beautiful record of their thoughts and feelings throughout the term. Activities range from musical or movement based reflections to written, artistic or dramatic reflections. Journals often include information correlating to each week’s meditation and mindfulness activities which can be practiced at home.

Classes and journal activities commonly focus on the power of POSITIVE AFFIRMATION. Each week will have its own affirmation for children to take home and work with.

We know how busy schools are and so our classes are run by Rainbowcrystal Connection teachers and require no extra work for the school or its teachers. Our teachers take care of everything!

Who can attend?
All children are welcome at RCC meditation classes, and as meditation itself is non-religious it is suited to all children and schools. We believe that all children can benefit from regular meditation. In particular children dealing with stress, ANXIETY, worry, ADD/ADHD, SELF ESTEEM issues and kids needing to find a more positive way of being. We get lots of children joining around National Testing time too!

Where are RCC classes?
Rainbowcrystal Connection can happen anywhere. We have found that they are particularly suited to schools before/after school or even lunch time clubs and to health practices. We are currently training teachers to go out into schools. If you would like information on how to train as an RCC teacher or how to get a teacher at your school trained up, see TRAIN WTH US.

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