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Mandalas for Kids Part 2

Sand Mandalas are great to watch and  beautiful but very tricky to make! The benefits of doing a silent Mandala Meditation with children are huge; they love using the beautiful colours, they experience a silent meditative state without getting bored and … Continue reading

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Goldie Hawn backs Mindfulness for Children

I just read a great article and am excited to learn that the gorgeous Goldie Hawn is spreading the word about using mindful minutes with children! The full article  can be read at and recommends this strategy for use … Continue reading

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Mental Health

It has been a great week for ‘Mental Health’ this week with the Government announcing 2.2 billon to be spent on Mental Health! Horray for the government recognising that wellbeing is one of the most important issues that we as … Continue reading

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The News: What to tell your kids?

With the media circus surrounding the recent terrorist issues “ Why is it good that someone died?” is a question that parents are struggling to answer. These thoughts (along with thoughts about the recent spate of natural disasters and the rest of the stuff that gets … Continue reading

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A large part of a teacher’s job is to ensure that the children in their care are comfortable and confident learners. One tool in any good teacher’s toolbox is using AFFIRMATIONS. Most teachers do this naturally- without even knowing that … Continue reading

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Mindfulness for “Stock Brokers”- Good Enough For Our Children Too!

Here is the link to a really good article on mindfulness, I found it on a site for stock traders (of all places). I think that the fact that I found it on a trading web site speaks volumes, traders … Continue reading

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Two Mindfulness Exercises to Reduce Stress

Mindfulness is simple and easy to do. Being mindful helps us to create change and it reduces stress and anxiety. Most people identify so strongly with their minds e.g. the “I am my mind and my mind is me” concept … Continue reading

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Education Today Features Rainbow Crystal Connection!

EXCITING NEWS!! Bill Minnis from the education journal “Education Today” interviewed us last month about our “Calm Classrooms” meditation resources for schools. Here is the link to the article

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How Meditation/Mindfulness can help Teachers in class.

How to calm your class, teach them focus and concentration, teach syllabus content all at the same time! Continue reading

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Guided Visualisation

Did you know that visualisation can have positive effects in your life? Sports stars, movie stars and pop stars all use visualisation to help them to achieve their success. Visualisation is also perfectly suited to the classroom environment too. “Guided Visualisation” … Continue reading

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