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Children’s Meditation Facilitators WANTED!

This Facilitators Course involves 2 days intensive training for each level. Click here for youtube clip of training Train With Us Level 1 COURSE CONTENT COVERS; This training is for beginners who wish to hold meditation groups and be registered … Continue reading

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Gratitude and Level 1 Meditation Teacher training.

This is a beautiful clip for the holiday season. May you have  a “Merry Christmas” and a calm and peaceful  2012! Gratitude Clip from Moving Art Don’t forget we will be holding Level 1 Facilitators Training in mid January 2012. This … Continue reading

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Mandalas with Kids Part 1.

As always I was on the search for new, fun ‘rainbow’ ideas for my after school meditation class when I came across the a few great pages on MANDALAS. When I explain Mandalas to kids I tell them that they … Continue reading

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FREE Meditation in the Primary School Sessions!

FREE “Meditation in the Primary School” Sessions Susan and Kerrie are now offering FREE “Meditation in the Primary School” Sessions to groups/clusters of schools. Sessions cover, • What is meditation? • Why meditate? Benefits for individual student/whole school wellbeing. • Which children need … Continue reading

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The News: What to tell your kids?

With the media circus surrounding the recent terrorist issues “ Why is it good that someone died?” is a question that parents are struggling to answer. These thoughts (along with thoughts about the recent spate of natural disasters and the rest of the stuff that gets … Continue reading

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A large part of a teacher’s job is to ensure that the children in their care are comfortable and confident learners. One tool in any good teacher’s toolbox is using AFFIRMATIONS. Most teachers do this naturally- without even knowing that … Continue reading

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Guided Visualisation

Did you know that visualisation can have positive effects in your life? Sports stars, movie stars and pop stars all use visualisation to help them to achieve their success. Visualisation is also perfectly suited to the classroom environment too. “Guided Visualisation” … Continue reading

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