A Letter from Susan

I have had a deep connection with mindfulness and stillness from childhood. Having gentle, insightful parenting which incorporated time to observe the cycles of life, drink in mother nature, and oral reflection  on our feelings and the honouring of emotional intelligence, all shaped my identity today. The simplicity of being kind in word and action, positive in self talk and affirmations  and  supportive to those we love was a must in my household. Solid role modelling by my parents of how to care for mother earth and all her inhabitants two legged and four legged and the exploration of the natural world through play was encouraged.

Curiosity and imagination were valued gifts in our household. Taking time to explore our inner worlds through dance, yoga, music, art ,poetry and writing were seen as “Food for the Soul”. Celtic ancestry has fostered my love of the natural world and the desire to explore the many facets of Celtic Spirituality was part of my journey whilst living in London in my twenties. I was introduced to formal meditation, as simple daily practice, this shaped my future on returning to Australia.

I began practising meditation and used it in my classroom in the 1990’s to enhance the learning focus, and reduce the stress levels of my students. I began to forge a deep connection with the balance of “Wellbeing for children on all levels Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.” I trained to teach Adult Meditation at a College in Sydney, and have taught Meditation classes on the Northern Beaches for the past 15years.As part of my spiritual growth I have taken yearly pilgrimages to Celtic sites in England, Ireland, France and to our own Indigenous Sacred Sites in Central Australia.
Having met Kerrie Parry, a kindred soul and teaching colleague, who shared  my  philosophy of teaching the whole child, we discussed the idea of combining gifts and talents and creating a teaching resource for meditation . I feel positive  about the advantages of offering  a rich knowledge of relaxation and meditation skills to other teachers through the Rainbow Crystal Connection Resources for Schools. The wellness of our precious children, who will be the future caretakers of our Earth, is the motivation behind this resource for schools .Use it with our blessings to  create a whole school focus on meditation to invite stillness into your school ,improve concentration & memory,  reduce stress and anxiety K-6 in a child friendly,inspiring and creative way.

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