Susan Rudd

SUSAN RUDD is an experienced Primary School teacher with many years experience teaching adult meditation classes. Susan uses meditation as a strategy within her own classrooms and has also solved school playground problems by holding extremely well attended voluntary meditation classes during lunch time. Susan has also been a Yoga student for many years and currently runs “Rainbowcrystal Connection” After School Meditation Classes.

Susan believes that meditation can assist children to integrate their learning on all levels physical, emotional and spiritual, not just on a mental level.

“When you teach the ‘whole child’ you understand that their inner world is just as important as their outer world.” Susan Rudd

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3 Responses to Susan Rudd

  1. Mel Ryan says:

    Hi Susan, I teach a class of boys with autism. This year I have introduced them to meditation and tai chi. We have previously done yoga. I would love to do your course in July to help support my students to the best of my ability and provide them with tools to help them live a balanced life.

    • Rainbow says:

      Hi Mel,
      Yes meditation is wonderful for Austistc kids! How lucky they are to have you as their teacher. I will pop an email to you, with the course details presently. Rainbow blessings, Kerrie

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