Meditation Calms Over-stimulated Primary School Children


 11th Feb 2011 
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Students at Sacred Heart School, Mona Vale – including Jesse Cock, 11, and Samual Lock, 11, at front – are being enlightened by a new program that combines meditation with education. Picture: VIRGINIA YOUNG ~PP431550 Manly Daily Online

As Featured in The Manly Daily February 1st 2011

Meditation a new teaching aid
Education 1 Feb 11 @ 05:10pm by Penelope Bradley

SERENE students at Mona Vale’s Sacred Heart Primary School have been enlightened by a new program that combines meditation with education.

Designed by two of the school’s teachers in line with the NSW syllabus, the program focuses on relaxation techniques for primary students and aims to improve focus in the classroom.

Program developer and primary teacher Susan Rudd said students were delighted by the new teaching approach.

‘‘They absolutely love it, I don’t think I have met any child that hasn’t enjoyed meditation and those that find it difficult initially, over a course of a few weeks, are gradually able to do it,’’ Ms Rudd said.

The program became a part of the curriculum after students aged five to 12 ditched recreation for relaxation and joined a lunchtime meditation class.

Ms Rudd said meditation was particularly useful for children with anxiety, hyperactivity or ADHD disorders.

‘‘It allows them to increase their concentration by focusing on their breathing and finding stillness,’’ she said.

With the northern beaches school at its forefront, the program is gaining momentum with Chatswood and St Ives Public schools also using the program.

‘‘It creates a good environment for teaching and for the students to learn the curriculum because it’s a good visualisation skill,’’ Ms Rudd said.

(Please note:errors were made by the author in naming the public schools above, these two particular schools are not involved, apologies.)

Meditation Calms Over-stimulated Primary School Children

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