Children’s Meditation Facilitators WANTED!

This Facilitators Course involves 2 days intensive training for each level.

Click here for youtube clip of training Train With Us

This training is for beginners who wish to hold meditation groups and be registered as a Rainbow Crystal Connection Meditation and Mindfulness Facilitator.

• Benefits of Meditation, Guided Imagery & Imagination Walks.
• Rainbow Breathing Exercises. (Level 1)
• Rainbow Stretching and Movement (L 1)
• Rainbow Relaxation Games and Mindfulness activities.(L 1)
• Opening a meditation circle, Spiritual Songs, Chants and Greetings.
• Creating and holding a Sacred Space with children.
• Using music, sound and voice to enhance the meditative experience.
• Meditation content, focusing on each meditation’s purpose and unique imagery.
• Questioning techniques pre/post meditation – Learning how to listen and respond to children’s questions.
• Dreamcatches , worry dolls and other helpful meditative resources for kids.
• Using positive self talk and Positive Affirmations.
• Tips for teaching 1hr meditation sessions creatively, varying the visual setting and approach to each lesson relating to our themes (e.g. Forgiveness, joy, peace, gratitude, respect )
• An introduction to “Rainbow Calm” resources including Rainbow Bells, Rain-sticks and drums, Parachutes, Scarves and Flags.
• Tips to maximise participation using journal activities, songs, dance.

Promotional ideas and business set up information for your own classes
Investment for Level 1 and the 2 day training is $875. This includes all resources and your first year of registration (registration normally costing $175 per year).

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6 Responses to Children’s Meditation Facilitators WANTED!

  1. nicole odes says:

    Please can you let me know the dates for the next level 1 training course
    Nicky odes

  2. Holley Carmichael says:

    Interested in your courses.
    I am a nutritionist, holistic health coach and currently studying reiki. My goal is to run wellness programs in schools so this mindfulness aspect I fully support and would love to incorporate into my program.
    If you could email your next course details, I would appreciate it.

  3. kendra roser says:

    I’m interested in using this in homeschooling
    Where is this held?

    • Rainbow says:

      Hello Kendra,
      Our courses are held in Sydney and soon we have a trainer coming to WA.
      I have sent you an email,
      Rainbow blessings,

  4. julie says:

    Please would you send me full details of Sydney course,

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