Singing bowls are an invaluable tool for meditation facilitators!

Being mindful simply means being mentally present in whatever situation that you might be in. By being present we mean being ‘in the moment’- not thinking about something in the past or the future. It sounds simple enough but most people would be surprised by how much time they actually spend ‘thinking’ about things that have happened or even things that might happen.

So mindfulness is something that we can practise during meditation time. All of our Rainbow Crystal Connection meditations encourage mindfulness in children. They often draw upon children’s senses, focus on their breath and have them imagine scenes/pictures mindfully. Our lessons always have a mindful movement/mindful breath component and we also have a section in our books dedicated to simple, child friendly mindfulness activities that parents or teachers could do with children.

One simple activity to do with children is to listen with your eyes closed to a single sound. A singing bowl, tingsha chimes or a Tibetan bell are all excellent for this as they have long sustained sounds, but really any sound will do. You will be surprised what the ears have the capability of hearing when we are being mindful!

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