Mindfulness Meditation Article

I’ve just read a great article on mindfulness meditation for young people. It’s so good that I thought I would share some of it with you!

“It’s not only adults who can benefit from focusing their attention, research suggests mindfulness and meditation are also useful tools for young people…
Dr Richard Chambers is a clinical psychologist who uses mindfulness-based techniques in his work with young people, including undergraduate university students. He says research shows these techniques can really benefit students and young people.
“There is now a lot of research around mindfulness and performance, mindfulness and leadership, mindfulness and cognitive performance and mindfulness and academic performance.”
In his own research at Monash University, yet to be published, he has taught young people to meditate and then showed them how to draw on these skills to improve their learning and study habits.
“Our findings show that as well as becoming more mindful and less stressed, they become better able to concentrate, their memory improves and their academic performance improves as well.”
Chambers’ claims are backed by a recent US study that found links between mindfulness training and better working memory and improved test scores in undergraduate students.”

For the full article seehttp://www.abc.net.au/health/thepulse/stories/2013/04/04/3729866.htm#.UWEKsauPgVk

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