Run your own Rainbow Crystal Meditation classes for Children.

This Facilitators Course involves 2 days intensive training for each level.

Students meditating

Level 1 Course content covers;
This training is for beginners who wish to hold meditation groups using Rainbowcrystal Connection resources. Available for purchase will be a class set up kit (all the hard work is done for you) and sets of 8 meditations at a time for one term’s worth of classes.
• Benefits of  Meditation, Guided Imagery & Imagination Walks
Rainbow Breathing Exercises (Level 1)
• Rainbow Stretching and Movement (Level 1)
• Rainbow Relaxation Games/Partner Massage (Level 1)
• Opening a meditation circle- Drumming Spiritual Songs, Chants and Greetings
• Creating and holding a Sacred Space with children
• Music, sound and voices to enhance the meditative experience
• Meditation content of kit 1 focusing on each meditation’s purpose and unique imagery
• Learn Questioning techniques pre/post meditation, how to listen to and respond to children’s questions
• Prayer Flags, worry dolls,  and meditation beads
Positive Affirmations
• Tips for teaching 1 hr meditation sessions creatively, varying the visual setting and approach to each lesson relating to our programmes spiritual themes (e.g. Forgiveness, joy, peace , gratitude, respect )
• An introduction to “Rainbow Calm” resources including affirmation cards, Rainbow  Bells, Rainbow Rain-sticks and drums, Rainbow Parachutes, Rainbow Scarves and Rainbow Flags.
• Tips to maximise  participation using journal activities, songs, dance  & mindfulness activities
• Promotional  ideas for your own classes

Upcoming dates June 2nd and 3rd 2012.

Information/registration packs available- just leave a comment and we will email to you!

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5 Responses to Run your own Rainbow Crystal Meditation classes for Children.

  1. Bridie-Leigh Bain says:

    Hi, I am interested in finding out more as I am thinking of doing this in schools in my area (Geelong, Victoria). Any additional information you can provide me with or even experiences you have had with implementing meditation in the classroom where things have worked and things haven’t worked would be wonderful. I am a new teacher and feel that I want to teach outside of the normal curriculum. This type of work is much more appealing to me. 🙂

  2. deb says:

    could I please have an information kit sent to me on the Rainbow Crystal Connection Mediation Classes for Children.
    kind regards

  3. emilia says:

    hello, I am doing a course here in the UK to become a meditation teacher and your very interesting website caught my eye, have you got any kits that I could use here in the UK for children and adults, if so could these be sent to me ? thanks so much, Emilia

    • Rainbow says:

      Hi Emilia. All our kits can be used in the UK and you will find that alot of the themes and topics will cross over into your school curriculum too. I will send you an email pricelist as our kits can all be posted. Thanks for your enquiry and happy meditating! Kerrie

  4. Brenda says:

    Could you please send me information and price for your Kit

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