Mandalas for Kids Part 2

Rainbow Mandala from Murray Creek

Sand Mandalas are great to watch and  beautiful but very tricky to make! The benefits of doing a silent Mandala Meditation with children are huge; they love using the beautiful colours, they experience a silent meditative state without getting bored and they really connect to the creative parts of the brain and to the ‘self’. These Rainbow Mandalas are great, they leave children feeling balanced, calm, less stressed and worry free!

For a nice easy Mandala that can be used with children try these “Geometric Rainbow Mandalas.” Teachers don’t miss the opportunity to link this in with your 2D Shape units of work!

Rainbow Mandalas- using the colours of the rainbow this web site has some lovely ideas and a good background of the symbolism of Mandalas.


Picture from MurrayCreek web site

Here is a quick quote I borrowed from them…
“So what, exactly, is a Mandala?
Most simply, a Mandala is a symbol of the I that I Am,
or in another way of speaking, the Self.
On the outside we look like simple, individual human beings. But inside we are an entire universe of complex, interrelated and interdependent parts and selves who play multitudinous roles in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives.
A Mandala reflects the many parts of our one, whole being.” Do check this web site out if you want to make Rainbow Mandalas with kids, they even offer up a couple of ways to make this activity into a game.

Rainbow Mandala from Murray Creek Website

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