Mindful Parenting Book Reviews

Take some time to mindfully look at the sky with your child, clouds can be lots of fun!

Today’s post is for all of the Mum’s, Dad’s and Grandparents out there interested in mindfulness for kids. I found this article which has some brief book reviews on books about ‘Mindful Parenting’. Mindful Parenting and teaching is becoming quite mainstream these days and is certainly not just for Buddhists.
Here is an excerpt- I hope it saves you some time!
“It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of parenthood. Along the line, we sometimes lose track of the importance of the moment. Mindful parenting is all about being aware of the present, our children, and ourselves. Through mindful parenting we can begin to develop our connection with our children and become a happier, more complete person.

What is Mindful Parenting?
Mindful parenting is an approach to obtaining harmony within. Mindfulness is living fully in the present moment. Through the practice of mindful parenting, we are grounded in the moment and can fully experience the presence of our children.”


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One Response to Mindful Parenting Book Reviews

  1. Dear Rainbow

    I really like mindfulness and funnily enough only today just found out that jon kabat zinn does a parenting book. I will definitely check out your squidoo lens and maybe favourite to one of mine x StormJewel

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