Mindfulness through Sound!

Sound is all around us in our everyday life. Some natural sounds like birds, gently flowing water, dolphin or whale calls, soothe us, relax our bodies and minds and even empower and stimulate our creativity. The lack of sound even has an  effect upon us sometimes! Thoughts and emotions arise from sound, the sound of certain music can help us visualise  and open our imagination.

Chosen notes from musical instruments using varying beats can assist FOCUS, AWARENESS and MINDFULNESS. Facilitators at “Rainbow Crystal Connection Meditation classes” integrate music, sound, activities involving children playing  percussion instruments and singing wellness songs as part of RCC mindfulness and meditation courses. The aim is to increase focus, listening skills, concentration, memory and to soothe and balance the emotional wellbeing of children.

Singing bowls are an invaluable tool for meditation facilitators!

Sound vibration research shows us that sounds like bells, chimes singing bowls, rainsticks and drumming used in a meditative way can help us to experience states of deep relaxation, reduce stress instantaneously, increase blood flow and even enhance our body’s immune response. Music is such a powerful healing tool, comprised of notes played in certain ways which create changes in our brainwaves instantly!

Try using music and sound with children to signal “Slow Time” or “Calm Time”  or “Time for Mindfulness Practice” (I always use my  Tingsha Chimes for this).

I like to ring the tingsha once to begin meditation and three times to conclude.

Mindfulness allows us the space for wondering!
Wondering leads us to discover our creative and soulful selves!

We have recently discovered some fantastic classroom music for “Calm Time” see Putumayo Kids in our SHOP. Gorgeous   instruments for sound meditations are also available now!

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