Positive kids are happy kids!

A large part of a teacher’s job is to ensure that the children in their care are comfortable and confident learners. One tool in any good teacher’s toolbox is using AFFIRMATIONS. Most teachers do this naturally- without even knowing that they are doing it, usually with children with self esteem, anxiety, depression. As a ‘back to school’ gift, here are a few tips from “RAINBOW CRYSTAL for Schools Resource Book” to make sure that this great tool is being used in the best way possible!

Make children’s lives happier, sunnier, more positive and fun. Change thinking patterns and watch the transformations!
1.  Affirmations are always stated in the positive.  “I am very clever.”  Instead of, “I am not dumb.”  Making affirmations in the positive puts the focus on what we want, rather than on what we do not want or have.
2.  Pretend that what you want already exists.  For example, “I am a great dancer,” not “I will dance well.”  When we state in the present, we start creating the outcome now.
3.  Use the statement “I AM…”  The words “I AM” connect to self worth and self esteem and self confidence. “I am friendly.”“I am intelligent.”  “I am great at adding numbers.”
4.  Use the statement “You are…  As a teacher or parent you can make “You are…” statements! For example, “You are creative.”  “You are trustworthy and caring.”  “You are an excellent speller.” Use them and watch the children’s faces light up! Remember to be specific with your praise, all teachers know that specific praise helps children to achieve and grow in confidence.
5.  Keep affirmations short, simple and clear.  With children the shorter the better because it makes them easier to remember and repeat. Have children repeat the affirmations. e.g. “Matthew…  I am good at adding”. Remember that Matthew, now you say it.” Kids with negative self image and mindset will need some repetition with this and might find it challenging at first, but persist, it will be worth it.
6.  Use imagination and involve the emotions.  Affirmations are most effective when the child believes what they are saying. Have them involve their imaginations, give them a minute to imagine how great it will feel to achieve their goal. Get them to see, feel, hear, smell and even taste what it will be like until their emotions kick in and they really, really believe!

The rest of this article and a vast list of affirmation ideas for teachers is available in “RAINBOW CRYSTAL for Schools Resource Book“.


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3 Responses to Affirmations

  1. Sara says:

    What a great activity, as a teacher and a parent these are exactly the type of activities I will be doing not only in the classroom but also at home with my own two children. I have already banned the word ‘stupid’ in my house as it has such negative connotations and I remember quite clearly children calling each other and themselves this within my previous learning environments.
    Thanks for the great tips!
    sara from

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