Mindfulness for “Stock Brokers”- Good Enough For Our Children Too!

Successful people in all walks of life are learning mindfulness through meditation!

Here is the link to a really good article on mindfulness, I found it on a site for stock traders (of all places). I think that the fact that I found it on a trading web site speaks volumes, traders have highly stressful /very well paid jobs, they are seen as successful individuals- and they are learning to meditate too! Horary! Let’s teach our kids NOW so that they don’t have to experience this stress as adults. What an awesome head start on life this will give them!

The author “Christie Lees”, describes mindfulness like this…

“Have you ever driven your car, and at some point “woken up” to realize that you don’t remember the last 5 minutes on the road, often wondering in amazement how you stayed in your lane?  Yup, sounds familiar doesn’t it?  That is just one example of the ways that we exist on autopilot in our day-to-day lives.  We often operate in this robotic state because we spend most of our waking hours in thought, and those thoughts are often rooted in the past or future tense.

Most of what causes us stress, anxiety, or depression is often linked to things that have occurred in the past, or things that we are anticipating in the future; it is very important to understand and recognize that we have no ultimate control over either.”

I think this a very good description of the ‘auto pilot’ function and that it is essentially thinking that causes most of the stress in our lives. She also goes on to give two lovely sample mindfulness walking meditations that teachers and parents could easily use- so I think it is worth  having a look!



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