How Meditation/Mindfulness can help Teachers in class.

The big issue in Education these days is well-being. Our kids are suffering from an alarming array of symptoms and maladies, stress, anxiety, ADHD, ADD, allergies, depression, sleep disorders, behaviour problems and concentration issues are all becoming very, very common. To compound the problem, our teachers are under a great deal of stress too- heavy work load, an over-crowded curriculum and dealing with ever more complex classroom dynamics are taking their toll. This is proven by the incredible amount (40 to 50 percent) of new teachers who leave the job within the first five years.

School girlSo imagine that you could help de-stress your class, teach and have 5 minutes peace and quiet all at the same time? Don’t believe it’s possible? Here’s how…

Let’s say you are a Year 6 teacher studying Antarctica, your class have been at lunch and have had a particularly hard play time; some children are over excited after a rowdy soccer game, some others have been fighting and are emotionally stressed, and you have eaten your lunch in 1o minutes because you had some photocopying to do and a lunch duty too!

Sound familiar?

This is what you do…
1. Bring your class in and settle them down at their desks.
2. Do a mindful breathing exercise e.g. rainbow breathing
3. Put on “Ice Crystal” from Rainbow Calm Seniors CD. I have included the NSW Curriculum links for this meditation to show how it can be used to TEACH, to focus on the BEHAVIOUR of “Concentration and Focus”, all while decreasing STRESS and increasing CLAM for the whole class.

This meditation aims to introduce the unique ENVIRONMENT of ANTARCTICA.
The visual journey uses ice crystal patterns like MANDALAS CUS 3.4 for improving FOCUS, CONCENTRATION AND MEMORY.
The meditation can be used to investigate the INTERCONNECTEDNESS between Australia and other Global Environments. ENS 3.5
HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS with pristine PLACES can also be looked at through this meditation. ENS 3.6
COLOUR and PATTERN can be looked at through the MANDALA activity and the meditation also provides stimulus for LANDSCAPE artwork. VAS3.2. VAS 3.4
Mathematical 2D and 3D PATTERNS and SHAPES can also be investigated. SGS31.1, SGS3.2a, SGS32.b

4. Now you can get on with the job at hand… TEACHING!! Your boys have cooled and calmed down, your girls are ready to talk calmly about their problem and you have had some time to collect your thoughts.
5. If you or the kids still need more time, perhaps playing “Rainbow Calm” music while the children work mindfully on one of the reflection activities (Based on 2D and 3D shapes/Mandala).

For more information on our Rainbow Calm for Schools products click the link!

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