Meditation tips for kids with ADHD

I just read a great blog by a man named Rory Boyce. Rory is a life coach who has suffered ADHD all his life and has recently taught himself to meditate successfully after years of frustration. His blog offers some fantastic (and very practical) tips for people with ADHD who want to meditate. I think they are great for teachers and parents too! He recommends…

Children can even make their own 'meditation beads"!

  1. Alternating the way you sit, cross legs, chair, bed, against wall etc.
  2. Use prayer beads for the fidgety hands.
  3. Incorporate sound.
  4. Say mantra or affirmation out loud.
  5. Use scent before you start, this lets mind know it is time to calm down.

All of these tips engage different parts of the brain, anchoring the meditator into their meditation. For more info see Rory’s blog

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  1. Mr Peace says:

    What a wonderful world!

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