Rainbow Sleep Tight

As teachers we hear constantly from parents (and students) that they -the kids, are havng trouble getting to sleep. Kids who have anxiety or are going through a period of stress seem to suffer with this and it can be a constant battle for parents to get their kids off to sleep at night. Many parents have told us that “unpacking” the day is a useful strategy. In this strategy before bed time parents discuss any worries that the child may have had throughout the day and put the child’s mind at rest over these.

A good nights sleep!

Meditation can help send your little one off into a peaceful sleep.

Another helpful strategy is of course MEDITATION. Our CD “RAINBOW SLEEP TIGHT” is perfect for settling busy minds at the end of a long day and is recommended by children and parents alike. Below is our most recent testimonial…

“The CD arrived today. I listened to it with Amaiya tonight and she sat through the whole thing. I think it’s going to be fantastic for her as she is quite and intense child. I think it will really help her unwind. We were both yawning all the way through it.

I also wanted to say how beautiful and well made it is. You’ve really done a good job. Also, the beautiful music on track one is very similar to the music I had playing while I was in labour with Maleeha (good memories!).
And Amaiya wanted me to tell you she loves you for making the CD for her and that she wants to make one back for you. I asked her what she would record herself saying. And she said, in the same relaxed voice, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”
Bronwyn Latif, Canberra

Sleep Tight Everyone 🙂

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